Hi! I'm Cassian Godsted. I work at Northern Kentucky University's College of Informatics as an Operations and Events Assistant, and at the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati as the Internal Systems Admin. I'm President of the Norse IoT club at NKU, where I study Computer Information Technology. In my free time, I build web projects and Minecraft modpacks.

INTERalliance Projects

The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati is an education focused nonprofit focused on getting local students interested in technology. In 2017, I was hired onto INTERalliance as an intern, to handle various IT tasks during the summer while the Leadership Council IT Team was on summer break.

I ended up sticking around, and my current role as the Internal Systems Admin at INTERalliance handles all aspects of INTERalliance's IT needs throughout the year, from web development, to Windows and Linux laptop automation, to Python scripting and data analysis.

I've also had the opportunity to manage, maintain, and redesign the main INTERalliance and TechOlympics websites, as well as the site for our Wiki Races web app, and through INTERalliance was also given the opportunity to redesign the website for the Carnegie, a local theater in Covington, KY.

Norse IoT

In 2022, I was elected Vice President of the Norse IoT Club at NKU. As Vice President, I built an interface for scanning members Student IDs to check them into events, and was responsible for planning and executing our Website Workshops event, where we built HTML/CSS resumes for students to share on their personal NKU websites.

In 2023, I was then elected President of the club. One of my first actions was migrating the club's website to GitHub Pages. One of the chief benefits of this migration was that it was now able to be easily changed by myself and other club leadership and even interested members.

Personal Projects

One of my first personal projects was a site called Tier Away. Tier Away served as a tier list generator. Tier lists, for those unfamiliar, are a quick and easy way to rank various similar things, from the highest S Tier to the lowest F Tier.

Tier Away was prompted by my personal frustration that the only prominent tier list maker program required you to sign in with a social media account, and required that all tier lists you make be public. Tier Away did away with that, and let users dynamically make their own tier lists.

With the help of Luke Trenaman, who I had previously worked with on the INTERalliance Website Redesign in 2022, we built Tier Away in Summer of 2022. Tier Away is still in development, the sharing functions still need work, but at this point it fulfills my needs for private tier list generation.

Give it a try, if you're interested!

Preview of Tier Away

Tier Away

Tier Away is a simple, open source tier list creation tool. No accounts, no public data, no prep work, no hassle.


Tier Away was created as a hobbyist project to resolve a seeming lack of clientside tier list makers. Not everything needs to be uploaded to the cloud.

Tier Away was designed by Cassian Godsted, with help from Luke Trenaman.

2022-Ongoing JavaScript Web App
Preview of my Modrinth page

Minecraft Modpacks

In my free time, I develop Minecraft modpacks to play with friends. They're all available on Modrinth, a Minecraft modding site.

2020-Ongoing Packwiz

I've also been developing Minecraft modpacks since December of 2020. Recently, I started sharing them on Modrinth, a Minecraft mod sharing site. The packs themselves are developed using Packwiz, and any custom mods are developed in Java and JavaScript through KubeJS/Rhino (a JavaScript to Java interperter).

These packs take a ton of development time. Between mod licensing, compatibility testing, configuration, and development of custom mods and content for the packs, they can be real time sinks. That said, they're some of my favourite projects.

Simply Infinite is the only modpack for Minecraft 20w14infinite, an experimental fork of the main game that adds randomly generated dimensions. Five of the mods in the pack were ported by myself.

Wish Fulfillment: Origins Reforged is the first pack I released publicly. It's for Forge 1.18.2, and is the pack I've worked on the longest, starting development in early 2022, releasing publicly in October of 2023.

If you play Minecraft, give one a try!


Thanks for reading! If you're interested in hiring me, I'm always open to work. Send me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn, and I'll be in touch.

If you're interested in contributing to one of my side projects, check out my GitHub. I'm always working on something new, so check back soon for new projects!